Competing in RoboRAVE

RoboRAVE is an Open Platform competition:

ANY Robot, ANY Software, ANYONE from ANYWHERE!

Who can Play?

Teams of 2 to 4 Players + 1 Robot + 1 Coach

The Division is determined by the oldest player on your team:

Elementary School~ 8 to 10 years
Middle School~ 11 to 13 years
High School~ 14 to 18 years
Big KidsUniversity Students, Teachers, Engineers, Hobbyist, etc
Those up to the challenge may compete in a higher division, but not multiple divisions of the same challenge


Design, build, and program a robot capable of completing an elevated maze in 2 minutes or less. The faster you can complete this tasks increases your overall score.


An autonomous robot that climbs a steep inclined plane to the top of a "mountain" to place your country or state flag in the designated zone.


Market, for votes from all attendees at the event, an innovative, working robotic product (autonomous and/or remote controlled) that customers will want to buy!

Fire Fighting

To design, build, and program an autonomous robot that can locate 4 lit candles, approach, and extinguish each one without contact.

Iq Innovative Robot

FREE Challenge
Submit a creative 60 to 90 second video showing how your working robotic design brings value to society within any environment.


To design, build, and program a line following robot that can carry a knight that will knock off your opponent’s knight by using it’s lance.

Line Following

An autonomous robot must follow a line to a tower, stop, deliver at least 1 ping pong ball, and return to home under 3 minutes. If time permits, the robot must then deliver a set number of balls for each division. Once the team has delivered the required number of balls, the time is stopped; however, a team can use all 3 minutes if needed.


To design, build, and program an autonomous robot that can push one or more opponent sumo robot(s) off an elevated wrestling ring. Sumo robot with a maximum mass limit, 1 kg for ES/MS as Mini Class, 2 kg for MS/HS as Medium Class, and 3 kg for HS/BK as Mega Class.


Prepare two well researched opposing arguments that can be used to address the ethics of robotics in our global society.

Before Event Participation

Corporate Partnership (PDF only)

Engineering Writing (PDF only)

Video Submission (MP4 only)

Open to any teams competing in any challenge that the event permits.

BEPs may be upload once a team is registered.

These need to be uploaded by the Midnight deadline of the event's timezone.

Unlike previous years, Before Event Participation is no longer added to your team score, they are separate awards

Event Disputes

Remember, RoboRAVE International’s values are:
Fun while Learning, Sharing, and Teamwork
However, we recognize that occasionally the need arises to question something that occurs during the course of play. When this occurs we expect all parties to exhibit courtesy and respect.
Step 1: Students & Track Monitor discussion at the time of the incident. Please remember that a Track Monitor is a Volunteer; not a RoboRAVE Staff member. We recommend a Coach or Assistant Coach be present during the discussion but let the Students and Track Monitor find a solution.
Step 2: If not resolved from Step 1... Coach or Assistant Coach & Challenge Coordinator discussion.
Step 3: If not resolved from Step 2... Submit an Appeal Form to the Challenge Coordinator requesting an Event Director review and decide.
All Appeal Decisions by Event Directors are Final!