All Coaches & Players must have an account in order to create teams and register for events. To Sign Up, just provide some basic profile information including an email that you will need to validate, we recommend doing this as early as possible to avoid any last-minute issues.

Every account is given a unique Member ID (9-digits), this is used to identify players and coaches, and create teams see below.


A coach is any member that teaches and trains players and makes decisions about teams. Coaches are not required but it is encouraged so that we have a main point of contact to assist with any problems or questions teams may have.


A player is any member that competes in challenges. Players can be any age but are divided into four divisions:

Elementary School~ 8 to 10 years
Middle School~ 11 to 13 years
High School~ 14 to 18 years
Big KidsUniversity Students, Teachers, Engineers, Hobbyist, etc


All teams must consist of 2 to 4 players with an optional coach. The teams's division is determined by the oldest player on the team, however those up to the challenge may compete in a higher division, but not multiple divisions of the same challenge. Members can form teams and add others to them, which can all be done from the Teams page in three easy steps.

Step 1

Creating a Team:
  • Click Create a Team
  • Enter a Team Name (Something Cool)
  • Choose if you are a Coach or Player
  • Pick an Event, Division, & Challenge you wish to participate
  • Click Save
  • The team should appear

Step 2

Two ways to add a teammate:
  1. Have your teammates search for your team name and click Join Team, you can then approve them from the Teams page.
  2. From the search, find your team and click Add, it will ask for your teammates' Member ID (9-digits).

Step 3

Find your team and click Register*:
  • If you've already purchased a registration code, it will be applied.
  • If someone else purchased the registration code for you, enter it.
  • Or, you'll be taken to a purchasing page to obtain a registration code.
*Teams must have at least 2 players
Team Numbers Will Not Be Assigned Until the Events Registration Deadline Passes