RoboRAVE Member ID

All Coaches & Players must have a RoboRAVE Member ID in order to create teams, register for events, and pay entry fees.

Getting your Member ID is as simple as clicking Sign Up. You will be asked to provide some basic profile information including a valid email. Once you have your Member ID, you can Log In and start creating teams see below.


While it is highly encouraged that players provide their email to get their lifetime RoboRAVE Member ID, we understand that some players may not have an email.

Once you have created an account, you can Request Temporary Member IDs for players who don't have a valid email.


Sign Up today and get your Permanent RoboRAVE Member ID! Signing up is very simple, but requires you to have your own email address.

If you do not have an email, see your coach about getting a Temporary Member ID so you can participate in RoboRAVE!

Creating Teams

Anyone with a Permanant Member ID can Log In and create a team. All you need to do is:
  • Enter a Team Name (Something Cool)
  • Pick an Event, Division, & Challenge you wish to participate
  • Enter the Coaches Member ID*
  • Enter the Member ID's of 2 to 4 Players (names will autopopulate)
  • Hit Save Changes, you can always go back and change things

Feel free to Log In and make alterations to your team; but, all changes must be made prior to the deadline at Midnight of the event's timezone.

Team Numbers Will Not Be Assigned Until Registration Closes

Paying for Teams

While in your team profile, with your team selected, click on the Obtain link, this will send you to the appropriate event's site to allow you to pay for your teams to compete. Once your purchase is complete, a Code will be added to your Profile. For example:

RoboRAVE Code:
B1D2G3 (2/7 used)

In this example, the coach paid for 7 entry fees, 2 have been assigned to teams.

Due to the nature of codes, they are non-refundable and are only good for the event you purchase them for.

Schools, are you paying for teams with a Purchase Order? If so, please contact the event directly so they can provide you assistance to help you get your PO's submitted and paid on time so your players can participate in RoboRAVE!